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    John is a Graduate of Old Dominion University. He started his career in the real estate Industry in 1995 earning both his Real Estate Sales License and well as Loan Officer License. Since his wife Nancy, was going to take on the primary role of selling real estate; John, decided to concentrate on the mortgage side of the business and they worked as a team from that point on, with Nancy doing sales and John handling finance.

    After a few years, the sales side was growing rapidly and Nancy was taking on more business than she could handle herself. At that point, they decided to form a “Sales Team” at a major real estate franchise. Nancy hired some administrative help and John moved into her offices to help manage the staff and handle the internal finances and well as continuing to handle mortgage loans for their clients.

    The Team continued to grow and expand; adding more administrative staff as well as sales staff. At that time, John and Nancy we able to observe many problems in the industry; namely the lack of support, training and mentoring of new Realtor’s. John worked on securing his Real Estate Broker license with the goal of starting our own firm and formulating a unique business plan. One that focused on developing well trained and developed sales agents through direct hands on training and mentoring. John spent a lot of time studying the industry before venturing out on our own and believes we have developed a unique company in the industry… that is truly committed to the development of HIGHLY TRAINED Realtor’s. We focus on the success of our Associates, knowing that be doing that, our Clients experience will always be a great one and our company success will follow.

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